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Practical Elegance: The Ideal 2-Piece Toilet for Rental Apartments – Meet Horow’s Cost-Effective HWTT R01S

When it comes to outfitting rental apartments, practicality and cost-effectiveness are paramount considerations. Enter the versatile 2-piece toilet, a solution that seamlessly combines functionality, style, and affordability. Today, we explore why a 2-piece toilet is a fitting choice for rental spaces and introduce readers to the Horow HWTT R01S – a cost-effective marvel that checks all the boxes.

Why Choose a 2-Piece Toilet for Rental Apartments

Ease of Installation: 2-piece toilets, like the HWTT R01S, are known for their straightforward installation process. This makes them an excellent choice for rental apartments where maintenance or replacement might be required periodically. The separate tank and bowl design simplifies handling and reduces installation costs.

Affordability: Cost is a crucial factor in rental property management. 2-piece toilets tend to be more budget-friendly than their one-piece counterparts. This cost-effectiveness makes them an attractive option for property owners seeking reliable fixtures without breaking the bank.

Ease of Maintenance: In rental apartments, fixtures should be easy to maintain and repair. The modular design of 2-piece toilets allows for individual components to be replaced or repaired without the need to replace the entire unit. This cost-efficient approach minimizes maintenance expenses in the long run.

Versatile Aesthetics: 2-piece toilets offer a range of styles and designs, making them versatile enough to fit various bathroom aesthetics. This adaptability ensures that the toilet complements different interior preferences, enhancing the overall appeal of the rental space.

Introducing Horow HWTT R01S: Affordable Elegance for Rental Spaces

Now, let’s turn our attention to the Horow HWTT R01S, a 2-piece toilet designed with rental apartments in mind. This cost-effective solution seamlessly merges practicality with elegance, catering to the needs of property owners and tenants alike:

High-Efficiency Flushing: The HWTT R01S boasts ultra-low consumption, using 1.28 gallons per flush (gpf). This high-efficiency flushing system not only ensures significant water savings but also aligns with modern environmental standards.

ADA-Compliant Design: The 17.5-inch tall toilet bowl adheres to ADA compliance, offering enhanced comfort and accessibility. This feature is particularly valuable in rental properties where diverse tenant needs should be considered.

Soft Close Lid and Seat: Experience tranquility in the bathroom with the HWTT R01S’s soft-close lid and seat. This modern feature prevents slamming, reducing noise levels and adding an element of sophistication to the rental apartment.

360° Jet Siphon Flushing Technology: The HWTT R01S incorporates advanced flushing technology, ensuring a thorough and efficient flush with its 360° Jet Siphon system. This innovation minimizes the risk of clogs, promoting optimal performance in shared rental spaces.

Specification Sheet and Installation Guide: For property managers and maintenance personnel, the provided specification sheet and installation guide offer comprehensive details for a seamless integration of the HWTT R01S into rental apartments.


In conclusion, the Horow HWTT R01S stands as a cost-effective yet elegant choice for 2-piece toilets, making it the ideal fixture for rental apartments. Elevate the practicality and appeal of your rental spaces with the affordability and functionality of the HWTT R01S, where every flush signifies a blend of practicality and sophistication.

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