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 Blueiot’s Pioneering Approach: Harnessing Bluetooth AoA Accuracy

Blueiot Company, a leader in the IoT sector, has redefined the capabilities of indoor positioning with its groundbreaking Bluetooth AoA accuracy. This innovation is revolutionizing various sectors, from healthcare institutions to industrial powerhouses.

Transforming Healthcare Dynamics

With the unmatched accuracy of Blueiot’s Bluetooth AoA, hospitals in Southeast Asia are achieving operational excellence. Patient monitoring has become more efficient, ensuring timely care, and medical equipment management is now more streamlined than ever. This technology also empowers hospitals to guide visitors and staff with pinpoint precision.

Redefining Industrial Operations

The industrial sector is benefitting enormously from Blueiot’s accurate indoor positioning technology. The ability to precisely locate assets, from high-value equipment to mobile vehicles, enhances operational efficiency. Additionally, performance management of staff becomes a data-driven endeavor, promoting productivity and safety.


Leveraging Bluetooth AoA accuracy, Blueiot is setting new benchmarks in the domain of indoor positioning. Whether it’s optimizing healthcare settings or revolutionizing industries, Blueiot’s commitment to accuracy and excellence stands out. For system integrators, solution providers, software developers, and other key players in the IoT domain, Blueiot promises a transformative journey ahead.

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