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 789BET is currently one of the names that attracts a large number of players in the field of online betting. The products here are famous for being built no different from real-life casinos. Launched abroad and then imported into the Vietnamese market, 789BET has made a big splash among its customers.

Bookmaker overview 789BET

Nhà Cái 789BET or also known by the name 789BET Club is an investment product of the company 789BET Gaming and Casino. Operates based on a business license issued by Belize Online Club.

Dealer 789BET is the first unit originating from the Americas to set foot in the Asian market. Not only that, it is also officially licensed to do business and has operated professionally for many years.

789BET always keep in mind that as long as the product quality is good and the customer service is attentive, it will win the hearts of players. There is no need to show too many tricks and tricks because the benefits achieved that way cannot be maintained in the long term.

Possessing a state-of-the-art network security software system and diverse products and services. 789BET confidently offering much higher odds than other bookmakers on the market, this is a lucrative piece of cake for every player with a registered account here.

Dealer 789BET Nothing?

Oriented by the host company to be a sustainable and long-term development house, the house 789BET was built not only as an online betting platform but also as an entertainment world, a paradise for gamers.

Every game, every bet you participate in 789BET promises to bring exciting experiences. Based on the advice and analysis of leading industry experts, players here can completely earn rewards by thinking and not relying on luck.

Currently, the house is developing and providing many services to its customers. The most prominent products include the following:

Live Casino

In the past, if people wanted to bet or play cards, they had to go to the world’s most famous casinos. This not only consumes costs and time but also does not satisfy the passion of those who play this sport.

Today, with 789BET Players can bet anywhere and anytime. Technical team of 789BET has designed Live Casinos based on real life, bringing the most realistic feeling to players when betting here.

You will feel like you are in Cambodia or even Macao with just an electronic device connected to the Internet. Even online, players can also participate in all genres such as Roulette, Baccarat, Blackjack, Dragon Lake, SicBo, etc.

The betting halls are affiliated with many well-known providers worldwide. Interactive functions in Live Casino are installed quickly and are user-friendly. Beautiful images help players easily immerse themselves in the game’s space.

Lucky draw

This is one of the most chosen online products at 789BET. Betting rounds bring a feeling of suspense, tension, but also excitement, which can only be felt when you experience it directly.

Realizing that players need to focus a lot on the spins 789BET tried to design in the most beautiful way with simple, easy-to-use functions. In addition, you can freely choose the game that best suits you from more than 1,000 different lottery booths.

Huge game store

Game world at 789BET brings together thousands of different game titles to meet the entertainment needs of players after stressful betting moments. With such a large number of games, you will definitely find the game you love the most.

For easy selection, the game store is divided into many sections by topic, by betting odds, by nature, by game function, etc. The infrastructure is carefully invested and arranged by the house to bring Relevant experiences that participating once are unforgettable.

Unless the player’s Internet connection is too weak, you will never be interrupted or affected by any other factors coming from the house’s system. This is a huge plus that attracts more players every year.

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Why should you choose? 789BET?

If you have ever researched the bookmaker market, you will definitely know that the number of units providing online betting services today is very large. However, it can be seen that bookmakers that stand out and maintain their position in the market will always have their own characteristics and strengths.

For 789BET, the following reasons will make you definitely not miss this playground in vain:

Outstanding interface

The interface is one of the most outstanding plus points 789BET Bringing to players here, the system’s Home page as well as the game pages are meticulously designed with a beautiful interface, showing the professionalism and modernity of the house.

The main color used in the design is bright red. This is the implication of the design department, hoping that players will always be at ease and have luck in their choices.

Additionally, the color red also helps 789BET become more prominent compared to the equipment of rival bookmakers. The background color used is wine red, bringing a luxurious feeling to games such as going to live casinos.

Huge promotion

Known 789BET Surely you will also know about the great promotions that this house offers to players. Comes with each program are interesting gifts with attractive values.

Some typical promotions 789BET Regularly brings to users:

  • Bonus packages for players who participate in the first regular deposit, the value of the bonus package can be up to 2,000,000 VND for the first deposit and 50% of the value for the next deposit.
  • Birthday gift for gamers
  • Refund promotion in transactions
  • Lucky draw program every day.

Payment method of 789BET

When betting at any bookmaker, you will have to conduct many different payment transactions. In 789BET, the bookmaker supports users with a variety of popular transaction methods in Vietnam.

Specifically, 789BET has linked with major banks such as Vietcombank, Dong A, Techcombank, ACB as well as popular e-wallets. With this advantage, transactions are successfully carried out extremely quickly, saving time and effort for players.

VIP members also enjoy additional exclusive incentives. All redemption requests are processed quickly if valid. The bonus amount will be transferred to your bank account or e-wallet within 5 minutes after requesting the transaction.

With small prizes, players can choose to receive rewards by converting them to phone cards and other game cards, etc.

Customer care

The majority of people who have used the service at 789BET All left positive feedback for the customer service staff here. Each person is professionally trained with a warm and enthusiastic working attitude.

However, in the Vietnamese market, this service still does not operate 24/7. If you need an urgent solution outside of business hours in Vietnam, you can contact the international customer service department and have it resolved in English.

Above is some information related to famous bookmakers 789BET. If you are still wondering how to start betting online, start by registering an account at  789BET Please!

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