Detailed Instructions for Calculating Asian Handicap, Betting More Accurately

Asian handicap is considered to have the highest complexity in the soccer odds table. New players entering the world of sports betting for the first time will certainly be overwhelmed by this type of bet. Therefore, to understand how Asian odds calculation For more details, please follow the content in the following article.

Brief introduction to Asian betting

Before learning about how Asian odds calculation , let’s take a look at the definition of this type of bet. This bet is also known by other names such as Asian handicap or over/under handicap. This type of bet is loved by most Asian bettors and is clearly shown by the name.

The special feature of this ratio is the analysis of the relative strength between teams, thereby making predictions with the number of goals handicapped by the bookmaker. It is the handicap number that creates the diversity in types of bets such as handicap 0.25, handicap 0.5, handicap 0.75, etc. Asian handicap focuses on the official 90 minutes of a football match, including time. extra time but not extra time.

Why should you calculate Asian odds before placing a bet?

Careful calculation of the odds will help bettors, including:

  • Combined with data at Soi Kèo Hi88 to get an opinion on whether the favorite team has a handicap of too many goals or not.
  • Calculate the amount of capital spent and the bonus received if you win.
  • Detect fake bets through payout rates or handicaps that are too high.

Summary of the most detailed Asian handicap calculation with examples

Each type of bet will have a separate calculation method, the following are specific calculations for players:

Handicap 1/4

This is an Asian handicap with a handicap of 1/4 or 1 1/4 or 2 1/4,… In this case, the following cases will occur:

  • Lose half the money.
  • Win half the money.
  • Lost all the money.
  • Win money betting.

Detailed example how Asian odds calculation 1/4: Match MU vs MC and MC handicaps MU 0.25 goals, equivalent to 1/4. The match will have 3 results:

  • MU wins with any score: Player bets on MU win all money, MC bets lose all money.
  • MU draws with MC: If you bet on MU you win half the money, if you bet on MC you lose half the money.
  • MC wins: Player bet on MU loses all money, bet MC wins all money.

Handicap 1/2

These are Asian handicaps with a handicap of 1/2 or 1 1/2 or 2 1/2, etc. With these types of handicaps, there will be the following cases:

  • Win all the money.
  • Lost all the money.

Detailed example how Asian odds calculation February 1: Match between Arsenal vs Chelsea and Arsenal handicap Chelsea by 0.5 goals. The match will have 2 results:

  • Arsenal wins: Arsenal bets win all money, Chelsea bets lose all money.
  • Arsenal draws or loses to Chelsea: Arsenal bets lose all money, Chelsea bets win all money.

Handicap 3/4

These are Asian handicaps with a handicap of 3/4 or 1 3/4 or 2 3/4, etc. With these types of handicaps, there will be the following cases:

  • Lose half the money.
  • Win half the money.
  • Lost all the money.
  • Win money betting.

Detailed example of how Asian odds calculation April 3: The match took place between LIV vs TOT with LIV handicap 0.75 goals. The match will have the following cases:

  • LIV wins by 1 goal: Player bets LIV wins half the money, bets TOT loses half the money.
  • LIV wins by 2 goals: Player who bets LIV wins all money, bets TOT loses all money.
  • LIV draws or loses with any score: Players betting on LIV lose all money, betting on TOT wins all money.

So, how Asian odds calculation will be divided into 3 main betting cases with identical odds. If there are 1 or 2 more goals before the ratios 1/2, 1/4, 3/4, simply add this corresponding number of goals to calculate the result.

Some important notes when calculating Asian handicaps

When continuing Asian odds calculation , you need to pay special attention to the following points:

  • Understanding the rules of the game helps bettors avoid unnecessary failures and the risk of big losses.
  • Make sure you bet at a highly reliable bookmaker to minimize risks such as Nhà Cái Hi88.
  • Each type of Asian handicap with different handicaps has its own way of calculating money. Understanding this will help you avoid unnecessary mistakes.
  • Before each bet, you need to determine what type of bet you are following. From there, consider whether the handicap number is suitable for the match position of the two teams or not.


Detailed instructions how to Asian odds calculation in each different ratio has been updated in detail through the article. Based on this information and accompanying detailed examples, you will surely confidently choose a good bet and easily win.

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