Instructions for Playing New88 Football Betting with Many Great Promotions

New88 soccer betting is a popular form of sports betting at Trang chủ New88. Players can freely bet on major international soccer matches. The article below will guide you through the rules and how to bet when participating in betting atNew88.

New88 Football betting guide

Rules for betting on Football New88

Before placing New88 Soccer bets, players need to clearly understand how to play Soccer as well as the betting rules at New88.New88 sports betting.

The rules of soccer are simple: 2 teams compete. Each team consists of 11 competing members. Playing time in virtual football matches will range from 3-5 minutes, much shorter than real matches.

Simple betting rules will depend on the match results to decide. That means it depends on the number of goals each team achieves, the scorer or maybe the number of penalty cards each team has.

Before each virtual football match, the house offers all types of betting odds for players to choose from. All bets will be displayed right in the main interface.

Players must place bets within the specified time period of 10 minutes before each match starts. If you bet later, that bet will be void.

Betting results will be announced as soon as the match ends. Bet results will be calculated during overtime.

Introducing New88 football betting odds

Odds are a must in every bet. And these odds must be determined before betting begins. Because it reflects the amount of money you win or lose.

The odds depend on which bet the player chooses. Each bet has a different difficulty level, of course the reward level will be different.

For selected bets such as European bets (win, draw, lose) or odd even bets, the odds are usually 1:1. This means that if you win, you will receive 100% of the bet amount, and if you lose, you will lose everything.

As for bets with scores such as Asian handicaps (handicaps), handicap bets, and score bets, the level of difficulty is higher. Requires players to calculate and deduce numbers to place bets.

The odds depend on the numbers below:

  • 0.0: win 100% of the bet if the betting team wins. If there is a tie, the bet will be refunded.
  • 0.25: win 100% of the bet if the betting team wins. If there is a tie, you will lose 50% of the bet.
  • 0.5: win 100% of the bet if the betting team wins or draws. If you lose, you lose 100% of your bet
  • 0.75: win 100% of the bet if the betting team wins or draws. If you lose, you lose 50% of your bet.
  • 1.0: win 100% of the bet if the betting team wins or draws. If you lose, the bet is refunded.

Steps to play New88 Football betting

After thoroughly grasping the rules of the game as well as the bets and odds, players can completely place bets right at bookmaker New88.

With just a few simple steps, players can successfully bet as follows:

  • Step 1: Visit the homepage of bookmaker New88.

Note that players should choose the official link or participate directly on the New88 App on mobile devices.

  • Step 2: Create a New88 account

Create a New88 account by selecting the account registration command in the upper right corner of the screen. Fill in all personal and bank account information for convenience during transactions with the dealer.

  • Step 3: Deposit New88

Deposit money into your account through forms such as e-wallet, phone scratch card or bank account.

  • Step 4: Place soccer bets

Choose a virtual football game to bet on. Select the match to place a bet with the amount just deposited in the step above.

  • Step 5: Follow the match and wait for the bet results.

If you win, you can withdraw the bet amount and convert it to cash.

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What incentives do you receive when playing New88 Football betting?

Advantages of playing Soccer betting atBookmaker New88 is a huge betting bonus with a high redemption rate compared to other bookmakers.

In addition, bookmaker New88 also offers many other promotions to encourage and support players in the process of participating in betting at New88.

Among them is the 100% bonus promotion program from bookmaker New88 for new members. The bonus amount for each account creation is up to 2,800,000 VND.

Promotion for the first deposit is also up to 2 million 8 hundred dong. This bonus amount is calculated based on the first deposit amount. If you deposit 1 million VND, you will receive an additional 1 million VND bonus.

Note that promotions for new members can only be applied once per account (per CCCD). So take advantage of this opportunity to deposit rewards.

Above is some information aboutNew88 football betting. Betting is not just a simple form of entertainment and is also a great opportunity to earn huge bonuses from bets. What are you waiting for? Quickly access bookmaker New88 to enjoy.

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