How to Ensure Pogo Pin Performance in Production

Pomagtor, as a qualified Pogo Pin manufacturer, places a high value on product quality control because only this way can it provide a better customer experience. We will discuss how magnetic connection manufacturers assure the performance integrity of the Pogo Pin.

The Pogo Pin manufacturers’ tactics

The Pogo Pin connector is manufactured by injection molding in the plastic box base. This procedure involves injecting molten plastic into a fatigued metal film to be swiftly cooled and molded. Some leaks will occur if the melted plastic stops the tire membrane from filling. Typically, this should be recognized at the injection molding stage. Following testing, the Pogo Pin maker can rapidly identify the problem and make effective improvements to ensure no future issues.

Furthermore, magnetic connector makers can employ the lighting approach in specific processing and production so that product shortages and jack blockages can be recognized in real-time. For example, assembling the finalized product is frequently the final production stage of the Pogo Pin connector. Electroplating can mix and insert the pins individually to assure product quality. Regardless of the mating method, the manufacturer checks all pins for precise alignment during the assembly step. This Pogo Pin manufacturer test may measure the distance between the mating surfaces of the connector, confirming the product’s function and quality.

Who exactly is Pomagtor?

Pomagtor, founded in 2007, is a high-tech firm that integrates R&D, manufacturing, and sales. Precision connection is the main factor, and technology development is the core. Pogo Pin, Pogo Pin connector, magnetic connector, magnetic charging data cable, and adsorption connector are the company’s major products. Products from the company are widely utilized in smart clothing, mobile phones, digital cameras, autos, medical equipment, and other sectors.

Pomagtor’s technological R&D and product innovation have always been ahead of market development. Some products are shipped to North America, Western Europe, South Korea, Japan, and other places, extending the sales market in the mainland and Taiwan. Pomagtor’s vision is to become a globally recognized brand and to establish China’s largest and most professional magnetic connection production base.

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