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The Ideal Combination of Power and Precision with the Empstorm Espresso Machine

Empstorm has set a new standard in the world of coffee machines with its revolutionary Espresso Machine. Featuring a sleek design and advanced functionalities, this filter coffee maker steel is a game-changer for coffee enthusiasts. With the addition of a visual thermometer to the 04E model and enhanced power, Empstorm ensures a brewing experience like no other.

Precision at Its Finest with Visual Thermometer

The Empstorm Espresso Machine prides itself on precision brewing. The integration of a visual thermometer in the 04E product allows users to monitor and adjust the temperature with accuracy, ensuring that each cup of coffee is brewed to perfection. This attention to detail guarantees a consistent and delightful coffee experience every time.

Stable Pressure for Rich Flavors and Aromas

One of the standout features of the Empstorm Espresso Machine is its ability to maintain stable pressure during the brewing process. This stability is essential for extracting the full range of rich flavors and aromas from the coffee grounds, resulting in a delicious and satisfying brew that captures the essence of each bean.

Convenient Water Reservoir for Seamless Brewing

The removable 50oz water reservoir of the Empstorm Espresso Machine is designed for user convenience. With a transparent tank displaying MAX & MIN water levels and a carry handle for easy removal, refilling, and monitoring water volume has never been simpler. This thoughtful design element ensures a hassle-free brewing experience for users.


Experience the perfect marriage of style and functionality with the Empstorm Espresso Machine. This filter coffee maker steel embodies precision brewing with its visual thermometer and stable pressure system, guaranteeing the extraction of maximum flavor and aroma in every cup. Elevate your coffee game with Empstorm and create barista-quality espresso from the comfort of your home.

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