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Shenling’s ThermaX Series: Efficient Domestic Air Source Heat Pumps

Effective air source heat pumps for domestic applications are synonymous with the reputable brand Shenling. Through their innovative ThermaX series, Shenling has successfully developed cutting-edge domestic air source heat pump that harnesses the advantages of the R32 refrigerant and inverter technology. By prioritizing efficiency, stability, and noise reduction, the ThermaX series caters to stringent requirements while offering substantial energy savings for users.

R32 Refrigerant: Reducing Carbon Emissions and Enhancing Efficiency

Shenling’s ThermaX series utilizes the R32 refrigerant, which is recognized as a low carbon and highly efficient option in the industry. As a frontrunner in the pursuit of reducing carbon emissions and achieving global carbon neutrality, Shenling’s choice of the R32 refrigerant in their air source heat pump is a testament to their commitment to sustainability. The R32 refrigerant not only helps in mitigating global warming but also contributes to greater energy efficiency, making it a popular choice for environmentally conscious consumers.

Cutting-Edge Technology and Energy Efficiency

The ThermaX series of air source heat pump water heaters from Shenling showcases their dedication to incorporating cutting-edge technology and modern design. By leveraging heat pump technology and the use of R32 refrigerant, these heat pumps achieve exceptional energy efficiency. In fact, the ThermaX series has been awarded an impressive A+++ energy label at a 35℃ water outlet. This highest energy rating ensures excellent energy-saving performance, which translates to substantial cost savings for users, making it an ideal choice for those seeking both environmental responsibility and reduced energy expenses.


Shenling’s ThermaX series of domestic air source heat pumps offers an exceptional solution for energy-efficient heating. With the utilization of the R32 refrigerant and inverter technology, these heat pumps provide reliable performance, stability, and quiet operation. Achieving the highest energy rating of A+++, they not only contribute to reducing carbon emissions but also help users significantly cut down on energy costs. When it comes to selecting an efficient domestic air source heat pump, Shenling’s ThermaX series is a reliable choice that combines advanced technology, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness.

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