Premium AMR Manufactured by ForwardX Robotics

The industry is gradually moving into the era of automation, and automation-based upgrades have been a common trend pursued by industrial industry users. This is even more true for the logistics and warehousing industry. The efficiency gains of automation are obvious. ForwardX is one of the warehouse robotics companies that are known for producing technologically advanced and flexible AMRs. Please take a look at their outstanding technical capabilities.

ForwardX: At the helm of the automation solutions market

In recent years, AMR products and technologies have been gradually upgraded as sensing, computing, AI, and mechatronic integration have refined, and demands from various industrial fields have surfaced. ForwardX also has a clear development direction for AMR research and marketing.

f(x) managing system

Field system integration and enhancing AMRs’ autonomous capabilites are ForwardX’s pursuits. In response to the market demand for system integration, ForwardX has developed the f(x) management scheduling system that operates in concert with AMRs. This system contains a comprehensive coordination, scheduling, management, and monitoring role. The system has been launched, used, and received well by customers.

Visual Recognition Technology Embedded

To enhance AMRs’ autonomous capabilites, ForwardX aims to develop AI and vision recognition technology and equips AMRs with an advanced navigation system and innovative LiDAR vision recognition system, which greatly enhances the autonomous capability of AMRs. This has greatly improved the operational efficiency of the warehousing and logistics industry.

Please visit their official website for more information about the innovative technology used in ForwardX’s AMRs.

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