What is 1/4 Odds? Extremely Accurate Betting Tips From Experts

What is the odds of 1/4? This is one of the quite familiar odds in football. Together Nhà cái New88 Learn more about this type of bet and excellent betting tips.

What is the odds of 1/4?

What is the odds of 1/4? Also known as the handicap bet, denoted 0.25 or 0 – 0.25, is quite popular when playing soccer betting at bookmakers. If you are familiar with Asian odds, the odds of ¼ are too simple.

In a match, the team that is rated stronger is considered the overdog and the underdog, similarly the other team will be the underdog. Then the upper team will accept the lower team by 0.25 points.

After understanding the concept of 1/4 odds, you should check the bookmaker’s odds and place a bet on one of these two odds. Winning results will be calculated as follows:

  • Bet on the upper hand and get a bonus when you win
  • Bet on the underdog and get a bonus when you win
  • If the match score is tied, the bet on the upper side loses half the bet, the bet on the lower side loses half the bet.

The money calculations in soccer betting you need to know

To know how much money you win or lose, it depends on the betting odds of each bookmaker. Therefore, before playing, bettors should also find out information about the odds of 1/4  have betting odds and calculate money according to a specific formula.

  • Win enough = Winnings = Capital x odds
  • Win half the money = Winnings = ½ x capital x odds + Capital
  • Full loss = Bet loss = All capital
  • Lose half the money = lost bet = ½ x Capital

If you participate in 1/4 odds, you must definitely know the formulas for calculating winning or losing bets as above.

Take the following example: You participate in betting on the match between Manchester United and West Ham, in which MU will accept West Ham at an odds of 1/4. The final score is 2:1 in favor of MU and the odds offered by the bookmaker are 0.95.

  • Suppose you bet 1 million for MU, you will win enough money = 1,000,000 x 0.95 +1,000,000 = 1,950,000. This is the amount of money you receive after the bet.
  • If the score is tied, you bet on MU and will lose half the money = 1,000,000 x ½ = 500,0000; You bet on West Ham and receive half the money = 1,000,000 x ½ = 500,000 VND.

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Tips for playing soccer betting with extremely accurate odds of ¼

Understanding what the odds of 1/4 is is not enough for you to win, you must definitely know the betting experiences or tips that professional bettors often use. However, all of the information below is only for bettors’ reference, it all still depends on each person’s decision and strategy.

Take time to learn information related to the match

This is an extremely necessary thing before you decide to participate in any 1/4 odds. Some basic information such as: Confrontation history of the two teams, performance, starting lineup, any key players injured, playing styles of the two teams,… In addition, You also need to find out side information such as match time, weather situation, pitch,…

All can be searched easily on websites, or simply by viewing the bookmaker’s articles New88. Here we will summarize all information and accurate football betting predictions.

Refer to the house odds table

Usually 4 to 6 hours before the match takes place, the bookmaker will announce the odds table and payout rates for each match. Based on this, you can know which bets are good and should be played as soon as possible.

  • If you meet an away team with a handicap of ½ to 1 goal, you should bet on the underdog.
  • If the handicap increases to 1/4, you must definitely understand what the 1/4 handicap is: from there you can determine which home team is easier to win.
  • In case the European odds do not change and the Asian odds decrease, bettors are encouraged to choose the away team.
  • In case of European odds, the odds are 1/4, while the Asian odds are odds of 1/4, so choose the away team.

Maintain your mentality when betting

Even if you know what the 1/4 odds are and check the odds before, you still cannot avoid the times when the football match has overturns. So regularly see if the 1/4 odds fluctuate up or down.

At this time, you need to stay calm, and absolutely do not bet according to the crowd. Keep your point of view and keep a cool head, your chances of winning will definitely be much higher.

Surely you already know how to read this odds. Hope to share tips on soccer betting New88 Sharing will help you stay alert, calm and choose good bets, get great rewards when playing.

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