What are the basics of progressive die stamping?

Stamping involves placing flat sheet metal in a blank or coil form into a stamping press. The die surface and tool are used to produce the desired shape. There are many different methods of shaping metal, including punching, stamping, embossing and blanking.

The stamping professionals must design the tooling using CAD/CAM engineering before the material can be formed. For optimal part quality and clearance, the designs must be accurate. A single tool in a 3D model may contain many parts. Therefore, the design process can be complicated and time-consuming. After the tool design is finalized, the manufacturer can use a variety of grinding, machining and wire EDM services to produce the tool.

Tenral is a top-ranking metal stamping manufacturer

Many manufacturers offer excellent services and products for metal stamping. It is important to research the different manufacturers before you place an order. Also, make sure that you are familiar with their quality products and services. Compare their products and read customer reviews to get a complete understanding of their quality before you make a decision.

Tenral is a prominent stamping part manufacturer with a great track record in this industry. Initial staff was limited and they specialized in simple metal parts. The company is now a fully-functioning business with more than 100 employees and sophisticated equipment.

Tenral has the technology and extensive range of manufacturing presses, including sheet metal fabrication, to produce custom and high-precision metal stampings for use in the medical, automotive and electronic industries.

Tenral offers sheet metal stamping, which is a method of creating 2D shapes out of pieces of coiled or blanked steel. This involves placing a coiled sheet or blanked sheet into the stamping press. The stamping tool or die that has the exact shape of the part is then pressed into the material to create the net-shape.

Tenral is a reliable metal stamping business that specializes in simple and complex metal stamping parts. This company is the foundation of its core competitive operations. The company manufactures the metal parts clients require and provides unmatched services according to customer requirements, budget, and schedule.

Last thought

Tenral offers a variety of services, including precision metal spinning, deep draw stamping and progressive die stamping. You can find all details about the available products, materials and services, as well as the policies and terms of the company’s website.

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