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Unlocking Business Potential: Outsourcing Angled Shower Trays with DAYA’s Series FP for Distributors

Outsourcing angled shower trays can significantly elevate a distributor’s business by expanding product offerings, catering to unique customer demands, and capitalizing on expert craftsmanship. DAYA‘s Series FP, the pentagon or diamond-shaped shower tray, exemplifies this trend, offering distributors an opportunity to tap into specialized designs and configurations, boosting their shower tray business to new heights.

The Power of Outsourcing Angled Shower Trays

Diversification of Offerings: Outsourcing angled shower trays allows distributors to diversify their product range, catering to a niche market segment seeking unique and specialized shower tray designs.

Meeting Unique Customer Needs: Specialized shapes like pentagon or diamond-shaped shower trays cater to customers looking for unconventional and aesthetically distinctive solutions for their bathrooms.

Expert Craftsmanship: Partnering with a manufacturer like DAYA ensures access to expert craftsmanship and quality assurance, offering distributors high-quality products without the need for extensive in-house manufacturing.

DAYA’s Series FP: Elevating Shower Tray Business

Pentagon-Shaped Brilliance: The Series FP pentagon shower tray boasts a diamond-shaped design with five sides, available in various sizes and configurations commonly used for corner shower installations. This unique shape allows for a larger showering area, providing customers with a more spacious and luxurious shower experience.

Versatile Sizing and Configurations: Series FP’s availability in various sizes and configurations ensures flexibility, catering to different corner shower layouts and customer preferences.

Expertly Crafted Quality: DAYA’s commitment to quality craftsmanship and precision manufacturing ensures that Series FP meets the highest standards, providing distributors with reliable and top-tier shower tray solutions.


For distributors seeking to expand their product offerings, cater to unique customer demands, and tap into specialized shower tray designs, DAYA’s Series FP pentagon-shaped shower tray presents an exceptional opportunity. Its unique design, versatile configurations, and quality craftsmanship promise not just a product but an avenue to elevate and differentiate shower tray businesses in a competitive market.

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