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Techking’s Heavy Truck Tire: The Pinnacle of Performance

Techking, a globally recognized leader in the tire industry, has made its mark by consistently delivering exceptional products tailored to the unique demands of mining and construction. Their latest offering, the MATE E3L3 heavy truck tire, is a testament to their unwavering commitment to excellence.

A Tire Built for the Long Haul

At the heart of the MATE E3L3 heavy truck tire is an extraordinary focus on longevity. With an impressive +7% deeper original tread depth, this tire offers an extended lifespan that can handle the most grueling terrains and heavy loads. Whether you’re navigating rough construction sites or challenging off road environments, the MATE E3L3 ensures you can keep moving forward without worrying about premature wear.

Ideal for Loader Applications

Techking’s tire engineering expertise shines through with the MATE E3L3. Its specially designed traction pattern is tailored for loader applications, guaranteeing superior controllability, even in demanding scenarios. When you’re operating heavy machinery, having a tire that provides optimal grip is indispensable for both safety and productivity.

Unrivaled Wear Resistance

In the world of heavy truck tires, wear resistance is non-negotiable. The MATE E3L3 goes above and beyond with its specialized tread formula, meticulously crafted to endure the harsh conditions of heavy duty use. Whether you’re in mining, construction, or any field that demands robust tires, the MATE E3L3 is the tire of choice.


Techking Tires’ MATE E3L3 heavy truck tire is the pinnacle of performance in the industry. It combines innovative design with unmatched durability, making it the ideal choice for any situation, from construction sites to mining operations. With Techking’s heavy truck tire, you’re not just getting a tire; you’re investing in reliability, control, and longevity, all backed by Techking’s legacy of excellence.

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