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Sunpower New Energy: Delivering Tailored Lithium Battery Pack Solutions for Diverse Applications

Sunpower New Energy emerges as a leading force in the lithium battery industry, positioning itself to align with the world-class standards of Japan and South Korea’s top brands while exporting its cutting-edge products worldwide. Embracing innovation and efficiency, the company’s PACK business department spearheads fully automated production lines and advanced manufacturing warehouse logistics systems. This commitment to automation ensures precision and consistency in every step of the process, from raw materials to finished products, enabling Sunpower New Energy to offer customized lithium ion 26700, 21700, and 18650 battery packs for a wide array of applications. With a focus on power tools, cleaning appliances, drones, garden tools, medical equipment, sports and leisure /and more, Sunpower New Energy lithium battery packs stand as reliable one-stop solutions for battery systems.

Advanced Automated Production

Sunpower New Energy’s PACK business department takes pride in adopting a fully automated production line, streamlining operations from start to finish. The utilization of a state-of-the-art manufacturing warehouse logistics system ensures seamless and efficient sorting, matching, SMT patching, welding, screw assembly, and post-processing. By embracing cutting-edge technology, Sunpower New Energy guarantees precision and consistency, providing clients with top-notch battery pack solutions.

Comprehensive Quality Assurance

Through the incorporation of the MES system, Sunpower New Energy enforces strict online inspection and assessment of its products. This real-time monitoring and recording of production data enable meticulous determination and traceability of battery packs throughout their entire life cycle. As a result, Sunpower New Energy upholds the highest standards of quality assurance, meeting UL/CB/SGS/BIS/PSE/KC/MSDS/UN38.3 certification requirements while prioritizing environmental protection.

Tailored Solutions for Various Applications

Sunpower New Energy’s dedication to customer satisfaction shines through its ability to provide customized battery pack solutions for diverse applications. From power tools to medical equipment and beyond, the company caters to the unique needs of its clients, offering lithium battery packs tailored to specific requirements. With a wide range of certifications, Sunpower New Energy ensures that its battery packs deliver exceptional performance, safety, and environmental responsibility across various industries.


Sunpower New Energy stands as a pioneer in the lithium battery industry, offering advanced solutions for businesses worldwide. With fully automated production lines, robust quality assurance, and the ability to tailor battery packs for a myriad of applications, the company is poised to lead the market in providing superior battery systems. Clients can confidently choose Sunpower New Energy as their trusted partner for reliable and customized lithium battery packs that excel in performance, safety, and environmental sustainability. Experience the future of battery solutions with Sunpower New Energy and unlock the power of tailored lithium battery packs for your applications.

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