Pomagtor: Pogo Pin and Test Probe Manufacturer

Since the market for electronic devices and gadgets continues to expand, it is essential to be able to determine whether or not they are being charged in the appropriate manner. These pogo pins from Pomagtor are used for the purpose of determining the electric current speed of various electrical devices.


The test probe consists of a metal tube that is delivered as a single piece and comes pre-assembled with a contact plunger and a spring. Since gold is such a good electrical conductor and because it is resistant to corrosion, they are often plated with gold. The electrical cable is often attached to a receptacle, which is the location where the test probe is inserted. The use of a receptacle eliminates the need to detach the electrical connection in order to remove the test probe for the purposes of cleaning or replacement.


When it comes to choosing the ideal spring probe for their work, designers of PCB test fixtures have a lot of options and considerations to make. When it comes to choosing the tip geometry, spring force, probe base material, and plating of a spring probe, there are a variety of options available, each of which comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Selecting the appropriate mix of available choices has a significant influence on test outcomes, the lifespan of the probe, and the cleaning schedule.


A test probe is a test connection electronic component that is used in electronic testing. Its primary use is in the testing of semiconductors, which includes testing chips and other similar items. Pomagtor as a leading and long-observed pogo pin manufacuruer in this field, requires that you choose the appropriate pogo test pins.

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