No More Clogs: 7 Best Techniques to Ensure Smooth Vaping Sessions (2023)

Vaping is only enjoyable when your vape kit is working as it should. No matter how expensive your device is, it may still show some troubles. Clogging is one of the common problems that anyone may face with their vape device.

A clogged vape cartridge can lead to frustration and a less-than-satisfying vaping session. But this is not an issue that you cannot solve. You only need to find out techniques that will help you unclog your vape pen.

Here are a few techniques that you need to keep in mind to unclog any expensive or cheap vape pen. So, take a look below and explore your smooth vaping journey.

Clear the Clogs of Vape Devices: 7 Effective Techniques to Know

1. It’s Time to Clean the Cartridge:

Unclogging the device is easy if you can clean the cartridge with a soft cloth. You can also use a cotton swab to clean the exterior and interior of the cart. Thus you can remove the reason that’s perhaps causing the clogs. Most of the clogging occurs in the airway. So, proper cleaning of the airway is necessary.

2. Soaking in Warm Water:

It’s not just easy to buy Delta 8 cartridges online but keeping it clean is also not a difficult task. You can use warm water to clean the cartridge. Place the mouthpiece, cartridge, and atomizer in a bowl of warm water for a few minutes. Before you start reassembling it, use a cloth to dry each part.

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3. Blowing Air:

Another easy way to unclog your vape pen is by blowing air through the cart. But keep in mind that it will only work once you have washed the cartridges thoroughly. This step will work only to remove any remaining blockages. Your goal should be to clear the airway and blowing air can work.

4. Use a Needle or a Toothpick:

You start experiencing trouble while vaping once the mouthpiece or the airway is blocked. Choose a needle to clear the obstructions carefully. To clean the mouthpiece a toothpick can also do a great job. Once you remove the obstructions you can enjoy great vaping sessions again.

5. Preheating also Works:

Vape carts with many advanced features are available these days. Some of them have preheated functions that allow users to preheat the cart before using it. You can also use this feature for unclogging your vape pen. By preheating it for a small duration it’s possible to liquefy any thickened oil. Thus you clean the device which was clogged and start enjoying great vaping sessions.

6. Controlling the Voltage:

Most of the time you face issues with your vape pen due to clogged oil. This may happen because of overheating the device during your vaping sessions. But this problem is also not unsolvable as many types of vape pens are available today. Some of them come with features that allow voltage control. It would be smart if you decide to lower the voltage. As a result, you can prevent oil from clogging your device and keep it clean.

7. Proper and Frequent Maintenance:

As you buy a vape pen or mod you can see instructions on how to keep it clean. These words from the manufacturer are really helpful if you want to continue with great vaping sessions. Each vape pen has some specific features and the manufacturer knows it best. So, you must read every step carefully and don’t forget to clean it regularly. If you clean the device the way you should daily, you also reduce the chance of facing clogging issues. Moreover, you also need to keep and maintain your device in the best possible way. So, wipe down the mouthpiece and keep your vape pen in a cool place.

A Few Things to Keep in Mind

  • Improve the cleaning frequency of your vape device if you want to enjoy great vaping sessions.
  • Try to buy and use only the best-quality oil that does not come with impurities. So, you must look for only reliable brands that produce high-quality oil ideal for your cart.
  • To clean the device, you can keep a bobby pin, rubbing alcohol, and toothpicks. This will help you keep the mouthpiece clean with ease.


In the end, unclogging your device requires patience. So, don’t fret if you start facing trouble while using your vape device. Instead, try to understand the issues and find the right solution to fix the problem. Also, keep in mind the steps that we have shared here to continue with flavorful vaping sessions.


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