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 New88, A quite famous name in the sports betting world, but few people know, this is also an extremely reputable provider of forms of entertainment such as casino and card games. Let’s New88 Let’s find out what advantages this house has that is worth taking the time to experience.

Introduce about New88

Trang Chủ New88 Launched the online gaming market in 2009, under the management of TGP Europe Ltd. At the same time, it is also licensed to operate legally, and protected by the UK Casino Regulatory Commission.

Currentlydealer is operating at the same time in many countries in Asia, and can also expand to the European market. It can be said that the bookmaker’s breadth and international popularity are very high. Thanks to that, players from all over the world can participate more easily.

After successfully registering, members can participate in incentives and policies that the house offers to members. From diverse games, sports betting, card playing… so that everyone can satisfy their gaming needs.

Not only that, the house also offers many incentives and applies policies promotion different for players to choose from. Everyone can participate in promotional offers and increase capital to increase startup opportunities here.

The house supports players to log in on multiple devices, whether at home or out for a walk, they can log in to play games at any time. There is no limit to the area and no limit to the time, so visits to the house are always crowded.

And in its journey of more than 10 years of operation, there have never been bad words about BETVISON’s service. The number of participating players also shows the quality of service here New88.

Dealer New88 what’s new?

During the time of establishment and operation in the prize-winning entertainment market, BETVISON has accumulated a lot of experience. Thanks to the continuous improvement efforts from all members, the house now has many advantages.

Synchronous interface

Although famous internationally, both the web interface and application interface of New88 All support Vietnamese, so even new players can easily perform operations at the house without any difficulty.

Besides, the bookmaker’s platforms all support the feature of watching football and cockfighting online in HD quality. Many tournaments with technical specifications throughout the match are always displayed to help players easily judge and make choices for their betting matches.

Modern security system

New88 has invested in the most modern security system to ensure information is not leaked or stolen. All information that users provide when registering is kept strictly confidential, data is encrypted end-to-end so even the system administrator cannot know the user’s information.

System maintenance

After a period of operation, bookmakers must perform system maintenance and upgrades to ensure the system operates as smoothly as possible. Job New88  takes place quite regularly to ensure system quality as well as add some products. Thanks to that, players will feel more comfortable when playing because the system is not delayed or interrupted, and there are also new games to experience and receive rewards.

Before the maintenance period takes place, the system will always notify players in advance. The time to repair and upgrade the system does not take too long, so players do not have to spend much time waiting.

Attractive odds and bonuses

Gamers all say this to each other New88 is an online gold mine. The explanation for this reason is that the house has brought many games with very attractive prizes, many games with very high odds. Players only need to spend a small amount of capital to earn 3 or 4 times more money

During the past 10 years of operation, the bookmaker has also been recognized as the bookmaker with the highest winning rate among all bookmakers in recent times. Statistics show that for every 6 people participating in the game, 2 people make a profit and 3 people break even when participating in the games here.

Withdraw money quickly

Not only is it a reputable bookmaker, New88 It is also highly appreciated by players for its quick deposits and withdrawals. Players will receive their prizes on the same day so their bet wins. If there is a need to withdraw the bonus into cash, it can be done quickly.

The system is constantly improving service quality to support players with many different deposit and withdrawal methods. Especially supports making transactions through domestic banks such as Vietcombank, Techcombank, Vietinbank, Eximbank… quickly.

Customer service

Besides investing in content and techniques, New88 There is also a lot of investment in people. All of the house’s employees have good skills and a lot of professional knowledge that can support players at any time. Players who encounter problems that need to be complained or resolved can immediately contact customer service staff for the best support.

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Entertainment products at New88

Games played at New88 Extremely diverse, everyone can admire a completely different world of entertainment compared to other bookmakers.

Sports betting

Sports betting is the main product, with a large scale of development in Vietnam New88 and is also the item that receives widespread attention from the player community. Currently, the house cooperates with reputable providers to create a diverse playing field, providing the best odds.

The sports betting lobby is diverse, everyone will not have to worry about participating hours. Just join and there will be players to play with. Because it is a region-wide system, it is always crowded with participants.

In addition, the house is currently trying to update the e-sports system, opening up a new world of betting for all e-sports lovers.

Online Casino

This online betting game version of New88 It will surely make many people shocked, the transmission quality is extremely good. So when playing the game, people will feel like they are at a real-life casino, not hindered by the internet.

And here, players can freely choose attractive casino games such as Baccarat, Blackjack, Sic Bo, … along with diverse, self-adjustable bets. The betting game is safe, not fraudulent, so please feel free to participate.

Slots game

Slot game version of New88 will surprise everyone, with more than 15 versions by 15 providers affiliated with the house creating a rich playing field. Top graphics, vivid sound and eye-catching effects.

Besides, everyone can get the opportunity to increase the number of times the pot is opened many times, to receive huge prizes from the house. The bet level is low so everyone can adjust it to the level they use to play.

In addition, there are also many different games, extremely attractive. The game system is constantly upgraded to improve errors and upgrade the gaming experience for players.

New88, a colorful and prestigious playground for everyone to participate together. If you still don’t know what game to play and how much to bet New88 will show you that all of this is not important, what matters is your gaming experience.

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