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Illuminate With Precision: Ledia Lighting’s Commercial LED Flood Lights

Ledia Lighting is a trusted name in the lighting industry, known for its commitment to innovation and quality. Their D Series Flood Lights are designed to meet the demanding requirements of commercial applications, offering a range of features that ensure precise illumination, energy efficiency, and durability. In this article, we will explore the key features and benefits of Ledia Lighting’s commercial LED flood lights, empowering distributors and agents to effectively promote these advanced lighting solutions to their clients.

Sleek Design with Versatile Installation Options

Ledia Lighting’s D Series outdoor led floodlights stand out with their super slim design, boasting a thickness of only about 60mm. This slim profile allows for unobtrusive installation in various applications. Moreover, these flood lights offer flexibility with a range of installation options, ensuring compatibility with different setups and meeting the diverse needs of commercial environments.

Exact Beam Angle Measurement

To provide precise lighting control, Ledia Lighting has incorporated scale marks at the two sides of the holder, enabling users to measure and adjust the beam angle accurately. The D Series Flood Lights offer a wide selection of beam angles, including 30°, 60°, 90°, 120°, TYPE2, TYPE3, and TYPE4. This versatility allows for tailored lighting solutions, ensuring optimal light distribution and minimizing wastage.

Intelligent Design and Energy Efficiency

Ledia Lighting’s D Series Flood Lights feature an intelligent design that includes a DC 12V auxiliary and optional ZHAGA compatibility. This design allows for enhanced functionality and integration with other lighting systems. Additionally, these flood lights offer high light efficiency options of 140LM/M and 170LM/M, providing more energy-saving alternatives for commercial spaces, reducing electricity consumption without compromising on illumination quality.


Ledia Lighting’s commercial LED flood lights from the D Series Flood Lights range offer exceptional lighting solutions for commercial applications. With their sleek design, versatile installation options, precise beam angle adjustment, intelligent features, high light efficiency, and robust construction, these flood lights provide distributors and agents with a reliable and efficient lighting solution to offer their clients.

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