How ToF Cameras Improve Logistics

Logistics emphasizes efficiency and safety. Innovative technology may help firms attain these aims. ToF cameras give reliable, real-time depth data. This blog article is to present ToF cameras, explain how they might assist logistics, and discuss real-world applications. We’ll also analyze ToF cameras in warehouse and shipping and suggest Vzense. Jump in!

ToF cameras for logistics: how?

Why Logistics Industry Needs ToF Camera

Logistics need reliable, real-time data. ToF cameras provide both, making them suitable logistical investments. ToF cameras let companies measure distances, manage inventories, and track items in real time. ToF cameras may also warn employees to possible risks like slips and accidents.

Logistics ToF Camera Applications

  1. Single Piece Separation System: This system automatically separates, distances, and intelligently lines up mixed piles of parcels before they enter various automated sorting lines, so that the disordered parcels become a single row “formation” in orderly passage according to the specified spacing and enter DWS and various automated sorting equipment in turn, increasing parcel sorting success and accuracy.
  2. Intelligent picking and placement system: The TOF depth camera and programmable multi-axis robotic arm pick and place target products. It can stack and depalletize in many storage situations. TOF depth vision and robotic arms can automate this situation, reducing manpower and increasing productivity and safety.

Why Vzense ToF Cameras?

Vzense ToF cameras are dependable. Vzense develops ToF products and systems. Since 2016, their core team has researched 3D image, computer vision, image processing, sensor fusion, gesture and face recognition. They provide a variety of basic products for core applications and bespoke solutions to fit customer demands. Vzense provides high-quality ToF cameras with accurate and up-to-date depth information.

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