How to Use Mindray’s Reliable AEDs

More and more schools around the world recognize the value of AEDs. AEDs should be a common feature on athletic fields, gymnasiums, and educational facilities. An electric current defibrillates a patient if they have ventricular fibrillation. It employs an electric current to perform defibrillation on a patient experiencing ventricular fibrillation. Check out a few of the characteristics of the dependable product produced by AED for Schools provider Mindray.

How does an AED function?

An automated external defibrillator can save a person’s life by reestablishing a normal heartbeat. A person who has stopped breathing is shocked to cause cardiac arrest with an automated external defibrillator. Applying a dependable AED correctly in an emergency is essential for providing first assistance.

Operating an AED is covered in great detail by Mindray.

First, lay the patient on their side with the chest raised. Next, close-set the AED to the patient’s ear and do a defibrillation.

The patient’s chest is immediately covered with an electrode patch in the second phase, and the electrode patch lead is plugged into the AED host while waiting for heart rate monitoring.

In the third step, the device will issue an audible or visual alarm if the patient experiences ventricular fibrillation. Make sure no one touches the patient or declares it “safe” in public before activating the “shock” button.

The capacitor usually charges automatically while the rhythm to be defibrillated is analyzed, and an auditory or visual indication indicates this. The patient may have a sudden convulsion during the shock. Immediately after the initial shock, CPR continues.


To perform more CPR, Mindray‘s devices constantly track the patient’s heart rate and provide data to the waiting ambulance staff. Visit Mindray’s official website for more details on their top-notch AED for schools.

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