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Get Professional Stabilization with SmallRig Handheld Gimbal

A handheld gimbal stabilizer allows anyone to shoot smooth, cinematic footage just like the pros. Mounting your smartphone, GoPro, DSLR or mirrorless camera onto a stabilizer evens out shakes and movements for steady tracking shots. For high-quality home or travel videos, SmallRig’s range of lightweight handheld gimbals deliver exceptional stabilization.

Get Professional Stabilization with SmallRig Handheld Gimbal

Advanced Algorithms for Rock Steady Footage

SmallRig gimbal stabilizers like the Ronin SC use advanced algorithms and motion sensors to keep your videos steady. The 3-axis stabilization instantly compensates for natural hand shaking by adjusting the gimbal’s motors. This results in smooth stabilized footage when filming by hand.

Intuitive Controls and Handy Modes

SmallRig’s gimbal stabilizers put intelligent controls right at your fingertips. Easily switch between handy shooting modes using the onboard buttons – Lock mode keeps the horizon level, while Follow mode adds cinematic tilting/panning movements. Custom speeds provide tailored responsiveness.

Quick Setups for Filming On-the-Go

Thanks to their intuitive folding designs, SmallRig’s handheld gimbal stabilizers allow quick tool-less setups. Simply unfold the lightweight carbon fiber frame, mount your camera, and start shooting stabilized video in minutes. Weighing as little as 2.4lbs, they are highly portable for filming anywhere.

Long Battery Life for All-Day Shooting

SmallRig gimbal stabilizers feature built-in batteries that offer ample runtimes for extended filming – up to 12 hours on a single charge. You can hot-swap removable batteries to keep shooting without ever powering down the gimbal. Reliable handheld power for pro-level stabilization all day.


Founded in 2013, SmallRig designs industry-leading rigs, stabilization, lighting and audio accessories for content creators. Their lightweight handheld gimbal range delivers professional Hollywood-style stabilization in a highly portable and accessible package. Shoot cinematic videos like a pro with SmallRig.

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