FAG 6020 bearings – Learn the six types of bearings on the market

There are many types of bearings on the market. Each bearing has a different purpose. It is important to identify the type of bearing that you need in order to narrow your search and save money. There are many types of bearings that can be used with various thrust and radial loads. The ability to take different weights is a significant advantage. Some bearings are more resistant than others. Quality ball bearings can be purchased that are durable and economical.

Common bearing types

The ball bearing is a common type that can accept thrust and radial loads. They are not the strongest in terms of weight. They can deform quickly if they are subject to extreme weight. Ball bearings are used in many applications, including electronics and hard drives. The portal will help you get a better understanding of the different categories.

Rollers: These are a popular choice for heavy loads. They have a cylindrical shape and are capable of spreading load across a large area. This is a great way to manage large quantities of weight. These can be purchased at the roller bearings supplier.

Ball thrust: This bearing is a good choice for low speed and low weight applications. Industry experts say that a basic item will likely include a stool, where the bearing will be used to support the seat.

Roller thrust: This type of bearing can be purchased from any distributor. The design of roller thrust bearings is very similar to the ball thrust type. It can take thrust loads. The only difference is the total load that can be accepted. This type is made to support heavy loads. These are a practical option and are used in the development of car transmissions. You can trust a reliable distributor of ball bearings brand to meet all your needs.

Tapered roll bearings: These bearings can handle large thrust and radial loads with great load flexibility. Due to the high load that these wheels will withstand, this bearing is very popular in the automotive industry. FAG 6020 bearings are the best choice for many industries.

Specialized: In addition to standard FAG bearings you might also find specialized bearings that are designed for specific applications. There are two types of specialized bearings: giant roller and magnetic. This type is used in high-speed applications. The lack of moving parts allows for greater stability and faster moving. If you need to move large or heavy loads (e.g. a building, or structural parts), giant type will be needed.

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The purpose of the bearing will determine which type you choose. Before purchasing FAG bearings, make sure you do your research.

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