Exploring the Versatile Applications of Patient Tracking System

In the healthcare industry, patient tracking plays a vital role in ensuring timely and efficient care delivery. Blueiot, a prominent provider in the field of location-based Internet of Things (IoT), offers a comprehensive Patient Tracking System. This article explores several key applications of patient tracking system, highlighting how Blueiot’s system enhances patient safety and improves healthcare outcomes.

Monitoring Vital Signs:

Blueiot’s Patient Tracking System enables healthcare providers to monitor vital signs in real-time. By integrating sensors into the patient’s tracking tag, the system continuously measures parameters such as temperature and heart rate. Any abnormal changes trigger immediate alerts to the healthcare staff, enabling swift intervention and ensuring patient well-being.

Accurate Locating:

Locating patients within a healthcare facility is crucial for ensuring their safety and efficient care delivery. Blueiot’s Patient Tracking System utilizes real-time location system (RTLS) technology to track the precise location of patients. This feature proves invaluable in scenarios where patients may wander or accidentally get lost within the facility. With the ability to pinpoint their location in real-time, healthcare staff can promptly respond to any distress calls or locate patients in need.

One-Click for Help:

Blueiot’s Patient Tracking System empowers patients to seek immediate assistance with a simple click of a button on their tracking tag. In times of discomfort or emergencies, patients can easily signal their distress, instantly notifying the healthcare staff. This feature enhances patient autonomy and ensures prompt responses, promoting a safe and patient-centered care environment.


Blueiot’s Patient Tracking System offers a range of applications that enhance patient safety and optimize healthcare delivery. From monitoring vital signs in real-time to accurate patient locating and one-click assistance, the system empowers healthcare providers with valuable insights and efficient response mechanisms.

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