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Are known andar bahar casino lobby is a new section recently launched by bookmaker New88. Realizing that the number of people participating in this game is also increasing, this is the clearest sign that the game is attractive. So what are the gameplay and advantages of this new game? Follow New88 to explore and find answers through the following article!
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Some information about andar bahar casino lobby

Andar Bahar is essentially a card game that has been converted to an online version that is more convenient and fun. This is a game originating from India, another name is Katti. Regarding the meaning of the name of this game, it is also a combination of two Indian words, Andar (inside) and Bahar (outside).

To put it simply, when coming to the Andar Bahar casino lobby, players will participate in an online card game with 2 main areas to place bets. Overall, this game is quite new to Vietnamese bettors. However, in the near future, bettors can try to experience this unique game to change things up and try their luck.

How to play andar bahar casino lobby?

Andar Bahar is essentially a game that is not too complicated for beginners. You just need to pay attention to certain rules that the game sets out from the beginning to avoid mistakes.

About the ingredients used in Andar Bahar

In the game, the main familiar tool you often see is a deck of 52 cards. The game’s rules are not too difficult, so the facilities are relatively similar to other casino card games.

In each betting table there will also be a Dealer who is the main dealer. Just entering the game, the screen will clearly display a betting table with each area marked for you to bet on as Andar and Bahar.

Andar Bahar Game Rules

When the game starts, the Dealer on the dealer’s side will shuffle the cards, then a trump card will be drawn. Your task when joining the andar bahar casino lobby is to bet on one of the two main betting doors.

After that, the dealer continues to draw 2 cards, placing each card on Andar and the second card on Bahar. Just continue to draw 2 more cards in the next turn and place them on the 2 main doors until you find a card that matches the value of the original trump card.

A player is considered a winner if he bets money in the correct betting box with a card of the same value as the home card. Of course, if you are lucky enough to win, your original bet will be doubled.

Main forms of betting in Andar Bahar

When joining the Andar Bahar casino lobby, bettors will see the following main betting options:

  • Andar bet: Simply put, the player bets money on this bet to predict that a card with the same value as the trump card will appear to win.
  • Bahar bet: Similarly, you bet on Bahar to predict that this hand will have a card with the same value as the first trump card.
  • Set betting: This is a form of betting on available sets right on the betting table. Usually, bookmakers will suggest from 3 to 8 sets for each round of play. When a card that matches the trump card is drawn from the set you bet on, the player is considered a winner and receives a reward.

How to calculate points in Andar Bahar?

In fact, the scoring of cards in Andar Bahar is similar to many other card games. Detail:
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  • In terms of value from small to large: 2 is the lowest card, then 3, 4, 5, etc.
  • Regarding the value of suits from high to low: Hearts > Diamonds > Diamonds > Spades

The most effective betting tips at andar bahar casino lobby

In addition to understanding the basic rules when participating in the andar bahar casino lobby above, bettors still need to gain the necessary experience. This way the game will become simpler, helping you win more prizes.

  • First and also an extremely important factor, bettors must always memorize the game rules and how Andar Bahar operates at New88. This will not take up too much of your time when betting.
  • When playing, you should not be too subjective, you should focus highly on predicting and betting on which door is most likely to win.
  • Learn how to predict from expert bettors to increase the accuracy in each prediction. If you pay close attention to this section, bettors will find specific betting rules that can be applied to Andar Bahar to increase your chances of winning.
  • Joining the Andar Bahar casino lobby, you should choose to bet on tables with high winning rates, this will help you earn a lot of money quickly.


Above is the information surrounding the andar bahar casino lobbyNew88 shared very carefully. If there are any bettors who want to change their betting, quickly try this Indian card game right away!

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