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Empowering Large-Scale Solar Installations with Growatt Three Phase On-Grid Solar Inverters

Sunway Scholar, in collaboration with Growatt, a leading manufacturer of solar power inverters, is proud to offer high-performance Three Phase On-Grid Solar Inverters. Designed specifically for large-scale solar installations, the Growatt Three Phase Inverters, available in 100kW and 125kW with 380V three-phase options, provide exceptional efficiency and advanced features.

High Efficiency for Maximum Energy Harvesting

Growatt Three Phase Solar Power Inverters, available through Sunway Scholar, boast excellent efficiency ratings of up to 98.8%. This high efficiency ensures optimal energy conversion, allowing solar installations to generate maximum electricity from the available sunlight. By harnessing the power of the sun with remarkable efficiency, these inverters enable large-scale solar projects to achieve enhanced energy production and improved overall system performance.

Advanced Features for Safety and Monitoring

The Growatt Three Phase Inverters are equipped with advanced features to enhance safety and provide smart monitoring capabilities. With Type II Surge Arresters installed on both the AC and DC sides, the inverters protect the system against voltage surges and transient spikes, safeguarding the equipment and ensuring reliable operation. Additionally, the inverters include Smart I/V scan and diagnosis, allowing for real-time monitoring and analysis of the solar panels’ performance. This feature enables early detection of any issues or potential faults, facilitating proactive maintenance and maximizing the system’s uptime.


Sunway Scholar, in collaboration with Growatt, offers high-quality Three Phase On-Grid Solar Inverters designed to meet the demands of large-scale solar installations. The Growatt Three Phase Inverters provide exceptional efficiency, with maximum ratings of up to 98.8%, unlocking the full potential of solar energy conversion. The inclusion of 10 MPP Trackers, Type II Surge Arresters, and Smart I/V scan and diagnosis ensures safety, reliability, and comprehensive monitoring capabilities.

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