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Embracing Comfort and Convenience with akubela’s Intelligent Home Automation

akubela is an advanced smart home automation company dedicated to providing users with maximum comfort and convenience while also increasing energy efficiency with their home automation products. Smart panel, one of the most popular products, consists of a central hub that acts as the brain of your smart home, connecting all your devices together and allowing you to control them from anywhere, providing you with convenience and comfort like never before.

Streamlined Convenience

akubela’s all-in-one device incorporates smart intercom, home security, home automation, ZigBee gateway, and switch panel, allowing you to seamlessly automate and manage various functions in your home with only one device. With such a single device delivering multiple functions, your living space will be transformed into a streamlined and convenient environment.

Regular Family Communication

Communication is extremely crucial to family life, and akubela firmly believes that the richest source of one’s happiness is the strong emotional bond that we build with our families. akubela’s intelligent home solution strengthens family bonds and breaks down the physical barriers between families by allowing them to communicate room to room, room to the front door, and home to home. These features promote regular interaction, fostering a sense of togetherness, and creating a more harmonious family life.


Home automation is revolutionizing the way we live in our homes. With the advancement of technology, it has become easier than ever to control and monitor various aspects of our homes through intelligent systems. This has resulted in a more comfortable and convenient living experience for homeowners. It’s no wonder that more and more homeowners are embracing akubela’s technology in their homes.

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