Buying the correct width gorilla tape

One of the leading glue manufacturers is Gorilla, and their range of Gorilla tape continues to enforce the company’s reputation. It is stronger and more versatile than conventional duct tape. Available since 2005, Gorilla tape revolutionised traditional duct tape. Since then, they have added several products to their range. This just makes working out what to get even harder. So, we will look at the components of Gorilla tape, see why it is a leader in the industry, and look at its uses to help you decide the correct width of Gorilla tape you need to buy.

How it’s made

Gorilla tape has a 3-layer design. A weather-resistant shell, a reinforced fabric backing, and a thick adhesive layer. The fabric backing comprises two offset fabric layers making it stronger yet easy to rip with your fingers. Making it 145% stronger than traditional duct tape. The glue layer is so thick; Gorilla tape can adhere to more surfaces than other tapes. Not only is Gorilla tape waterproof, but it also holds in the cold and the heat. Although the tape holds so well, it can be removed if needed, but it is not recommended for painted surfaces as it is very likely to pull the paint off. All this puts Gorilla tape leagues above duct tape.


As you’ve probably already deduced, Gorilla tape is a versatile product. It can be used on just about any surface. You need to remove dust and dirt from the area you are going to attach it to; otherwise, it will adhere well to the dirt but not your subject, and then it will hold onto flat and uneven surfaces – including bricks. Cut your piece, lay it down on your clean surface, and it’ll be stuck until you remove it. You can remove it by peeling up a corner and pulling the tape away from the surface, but as we warned earlier, if you stick it to a painted surface, you may also remove the paint. There is another use you should not use Gorilla tape for, that is in replacement to electrical tape – please use proper electrical tape.

The right width

If you are patching a hole or similar, you need to ensure that a reasonable amount of Gorilla tape is sticking beyond the edges of the hole. This gives the tape something secure to hold on to. Gorilla tape only comes in a few sizes, but that doesn’t matter. If you can’t get the right width, just use your width and overlap your Gorilla tape strips until the right width is achieved. Don’t worry; Gorilla tape sticks just as well to itself as it does to other surfaces.

When it comes down to it, buying the right width of Gorilla tape isn’t as important as buying it from a reputable dealer like RS. Contact them today to purchase your Gorilla tape the right way.

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