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BAKO’s LED Displays: A Decade of Excellent Quality and Performance

BAKO is an excellent LED screen manufacturer , founded in November 2008, has established itself as a major player in the LED display business. The company portrays itself as a high-tech enterprise that excels in LED display product research & development, manufacture, sales, and solutions. BAKO has created a significant market presence by focusing on three core business segments: HD display, high-end rental, and creative commercial display.

OutstandingQuality and Outstanding Talent

BAKO ‘s commitment to delivering exceptional quality and performance was exemplified through the feedback received from a Mexican customer. Back in 2012, the customer purchased a P20 outdoor LED display from BAKO and installed it in a local stadium in Mexico. Now, ten years later, the LED display continues to impress, demonstrating BAKO’s unwavering dedication to producing reliable and long-lasting LED screens.

High-Profile Exhibition Display

At the 20th Shenzhen International LED Exhibition, BAKO’s LED displays garnered attention for their intuitive and captivating visual effects. Whether observed firsthand at the exhibition or through the lens of a camera, BAKO’s LED screens showcased remarkable display quality. The vibrant colors, sharp resolution, and exceptional clarity of the LED displays captivated the audience, reaffirming BAKO’s status as a trusted provider of high-quality LED screens.


As BAKO continues to innovate and push the boundaries of LED screen technology, customers can expect even more remarkable products in the future. As the company looks towards the future, its commitment to excellence remains unwavering, ensuring that BAKO will continue to be a trusted LED screen manufacturer.

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