6 Types of the Smps Power Supply from Mornsun

Are you looking for an smps power supply that can meet all your electrical needs? Look no further than MORNSUN. Whether you need a high-power supply for industrial use or a low-power supply for a small business, we have the perfect option for you.

6 Types of the Smps Power Supply from Mornsun

6 types of smps power supply from MORNSUN

  1. Compact type LM-R2 (35- 350W): It is an ultra-compact second-generation new industry standard metal case power supply. This series of power supplies have the advantage of a universal input voltage range and is safe and reliable, with good EMC performance.
  2. Fanless Semi-potted type (200-750W): It is a fanless half-filled plastic ultra-narrow case switching power supply. It is suitable for industrial and outdoor occasions where the application environment is relatively harsh.
  3. 305RAC type (305VAC-input) (15-350W): It has the advantage of long-term application in harsh environments or special environments with higher requirements on input voltage, temperature, humidity, altitude, electromagnetic interference, etc.
  4. Universal type (264VAC-input) (35-1500W): It can withstand 300VAC input surge voltage for 5S. It is safe and reliable.
  5. Universal type (Multiple outputs) (30-150W): It can meet the power supply requirements of different systems. This switch does not need to add a fan for heat dissipation and integrates various protection functions.
  6. High power density type (120-750W): It is suitable for BF medical equipment and non-patient contact medical equipment and can meet industrial application standards at the same time.


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